Friday, December 31, 2010

On the eve of the new year...

0 : the number of boxes I have packed so far
26 : the number of empty beer bottles left over from our 'goodbye' party last night
7 : the number of half-full wine bottles waiting for a second chance
185,000,004 : the number of things I feel that I need to do before leaving
5 : the number of days left before our flight

Five days left and our apartment still looks the same, other than the four open (and empty) suitcases waiting patiently on the floor. At this point the butterflies in my stomach feel a lot more like panic and I have got to say that writing this blog isnt making it any better! I guess that on the eve of the new year, arguably one of the most momentous years of my life, one thing that is certain is that I am a procrastinator through and through. In my mind, I felt that although we had short notice to move to Fontainebleau, we had a lot of time and events to get through first - Christmas shopping, Christmas eve, Christmas day, a Chanukah party with my oldest and dearest girlfriends (!), P's 30th birthday, new years eve, new years day (very important in my big fat Greek family), and finally our flight on January 5th. But in a blink, they were over and here I am staring at my computer with giant empty tupperware boxes, vaccum-seal bags and suitcases thinking don't I have more time left?!

To make this post a bit more enjoyable and less about my isane fear and procrastinating ways, I will attach some photos of me and P's new apartment in Fontainebleau that our landlady sent via email. All 450 square feet of it!

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