Thursday, January 27, 2011

A (multi-cultural) day in Paris

Yesterday I spent a wonderful day in Paris with some of the other partners! We did some sightseeing and wandered through the cathedral of Notre Dame and the Opera house. I was obsessed with the stained-glass windows and was very upset that I didn't bring our good camera (P thinks I will lose it! ..which to be perfectly honest is always a strong possibility). So these pictures are from my old and trusty 4 megapixel cannon from 2004 (if it ain't broke..!). The cathedral was definitely a highlight, but so was the fabulous Japanese restaurant we stopped in for lunch!! I didnt even realize how much I could miss a gyoza :) 

After a hearty and satisfying lunch, we set out on our predetermined quest to find "Tang Freres", a well-known asian grocery store in Paris, in order to stock up on some of the supplies that Fonty lacks, like rice noodles, sauces, spices, dumplings, and snacks! After a successful shop, we trained back to Fontainbleau just in time for the Heart of Europe dinner.
This whole week was Heart of Europe week! Bidding for national weeks happens months before, and the P3's (the class ahead of P) bid for the right to host a week celebrating their nation. This week the students from Germany, Switzerland, and Austria hosted a week celebrating thier cultures, of which the beergardens, chocolates and jagermeister were highlights! Each day there were different activities like a jagermeister competion, chocolate-tasting, movie night, and last night was the climax with an Octoberfest-themed dinner of sausages, bratwurst and mini kegs. Everyone got their own beer stein and danced to the music of a Bavarian band, with a very interestingly-dressed lead singer! (I think only AG and BG will get this reference, but remember the 65 year-old female lead singer of the band when we went to the bar in the trailer in PR? Picture her, but in a dirndl outfit.) Tomorrow night is the finale and is a Karnival-themed chateau party. Somehow I have to find a costume, but we will see about that...

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