Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Farewell to France

We are really feeling like our time in Fontainebleau is slipping away quickly! P only has classes until the very first week of December (thanks to his good course-planning), in order to be work-free for when baby E arrives, and so we are planning our exit. After navigating prenatal care in four countries, we have finally decided to give birth in Germany. We have decided that giving birth in Vancouver is out of the question as I would have to fly home earlier than P and he could possibly miss the birth! The birth culture in Germany is very natural and hollistic, which I really appreciate, and the midwives I have met there so far were really amazing. Added to that is the fact that P has family in Germany, an empty apartment, and staying in Europe means we can attend his graduation! All in all, we are happy with our decision and are now faced with the daunting task of packing all of our things and saying goodbye to our amazing friends.

I didn't think that I would be so sad to leave Fontainebleau. My french never improved and I didnt train to Paris half as much as I thought I would! But the fall was really stunning and the small french town really grew on me. Every Sunday afternoon lingering on the cafe terrace in the sun and each fresh baguette (and macaron and chouquette and croissant) at the patisserie nearby made me realize how difficult it would be to leave France behind. Here are some highlights from our last weeks in Fonty:

The Fontainebleau forest was a beautiful place to wander in the fall and was a great backdrop for some pregnancy photos! 35 weeks and counting...!

Raclette with our wonderful roommates was an absolute dream!!

Before leaving for Germany, our amazing friends got together for a farewell dinner at our favourite spot Pizza Pazza!

I guess I should also mention what P has been up to these days! Wrapping up his courses has been time-consuming, but the main focus of this semester has been job-hunting! Interviews and information nights have been busy and he is waiting to hear back from a few companies. Competition is tough, of course, and the current economic situation in Europe isn't making it easy for anyone! We are anxious for news of where we might be going next...

I know that P is sad to leave as well (he is a life-time student at heart!) but he is also eager to enjoy what is coming next: meeting baby E and starting a new adventure!

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