Monday, March 21, 2011

Moi et toi

Now that we have been in France for almost three months, things seem to have gotten into a rhythm and feel more, for lack of a better word, normal. I no longer check the backs of all the groceries looking for the english side; french onion soup, french manicures, and french doors are just onion soup, manicures and doors; I can sing along to the two main french pop songs that play repeatedly on the radio. ( and - tell me this guy doesn't look like an older french JT). I've also started teaching children's music classes in the school's family room (on thursdays I lead a circle time for 2 - 5 year olds, and on fridays I lead a mom and baby group!). It's super cute and I have even learned some of my favourite songs and rhymes in French, Spanish and Hungarian from the moms who participate. The club activities have continued, with the cooking club (more aptly called 'eating club') drawing 10-15 of us together every week, regular thursday night yoga classes, and french/english conversation exchange going strong. Here's a pic of us at the latest (masquerade) chateau party, and one of P sneaking nutella into our shopping cart at Carrefour. (He's gone through 5 mega-tubs in 2.5 months).

It seems kind of strange now that in 6 weeks we will be packing up and moving around the world. again. There's too little time left in Fontainebleau to learn how to run 10K, too little time to learn how to speak french, crepes are the only french dish I can make with any success, and my thesis? well...... I dont want to talk about it. The frustrating part is that i have just finished the administration duties of getting set up in France recently (phones, rent, insurance, car, bank account, visa), and now I'm having to figure it all out for Singapore! While I'm at it, I'm on the hunt for a nicer apartment in Fontainebleau for when we return in September, and will check out a gorgeous place in Montigny-sur-Loing on friday. In the meantime I'm salivating over our new place in Singapore.. especially the last picture:

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