Monday, March 28, 2011

Help us choose an apartment!

This week I have made it my mission to solidify a beautiful apartment for us in Fontainebleau for when we return in September. I am now very informed about the price/quality discrepency here in Fonty and am not going to fall victim to it again! I have scoured the accomodation websites here and have narrowed it down to 2 choices:

Exhibit 1: A beautiful suite in Montigny-sur-Loing, that is in a 300 year-old restored barn on the site of a HUGE chateau. The garden and grounds are beautiful, and the property is right on the rivers' edge. The downsides are that it is in the middle of nowhere - we would even have to drive to get to a bakery! And it is a 25 minute drive to school on a windy road through the forest. There are 5 other suites in the building that may or may not be rented to others students. (So it could get verrrryyy quiet). Plus sides are that it is BEAUTIFUL and has a modern and fully stocked kitched! There is also a train station here that goes directly to Paris.


Exhibit 2: This next cottage is ADORABLE and is in Samoreau, which is a small suburb of Fonty and only a 10-15 minute drive from school. My favourite couple lives on the next property over, and apparently there is a delicious bakery right down the street. This property also has a private patio and grassy area, but it is small and quaint!

Additional Info: Both places are the same price, and require that we have a car. Please vote for your favourite asap as I will be emailing the landlord between now and 48 hours from now!!


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  1. My vote is for the cottage - it looks lovely and being close to friends is so wonderful! Good luck!