Thursday, April 28, 2011

Road Trip!

Before P's second semester got underway and the workload too intense, we decided to take a little long weekend road trip to Lake Geneva! We packed up our Clio and set off for Lausanne! We breathed in the clean swiss air, drank the swiss beer, and glimpsed the swiss alps! Then we drove around the lake.

We came across this market, and stopped to contemplate the thought of the day...

Then we saw a castle and went inside.

There was some old furniture, and the graffitti signiture of Lord Byron.

 We continued driving around the lake, stopped in Evian for lunch (and also bought some bottled water!!) and came accross the tiny medeval town of Yvoire!

After a nice walk and some fabulous ice cream, we continued on to Geneva!

We spent a night and a day sightseeing, had some raclette, and then drove back to Fonty!

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