Saturday, May 28, 2011

Last days in Fonty

Incredibly, P's second semester ended at the beginning of may. We both felt like the time had been flying by and it was hard to believe we would be packing up and moving to Singapore in a matter of days! Our last few weeks in Fontainebleau had a few fun surprises for us as well! Namely:

1. More visitors from home!! P's best friend Jordan and his friend Rowan visited Paris for a few days during their UK/France travel extravaganza! We shared some croque monsieur, wandered the Parisian streets and generally made merry! Highlights of their visit included some fabulous ice cream, and a visit to THE most touristic Greek restaurant in all of Paris, complete with broken plates, "OPA!" yelled at regular intervals, and forced Greek dancing with the enthusiastic (and bossy!) waitress ("you must dance!").

2. A trip to Brugges! P had been wanting to drive to Brugges for weeks and we finally had the chance to go! We both fell in love with this small city, with it's wandering canals and Belgian waffles on every corner!! We spent two full days wandering the city on foot and by boat and enjoyed our last road trip in little Cleo!

3. My debut as an Indian model/dancer! One of the highly ambitious partners decided to plan a wildly successful party in preparation for the upcoming "Desi week"! In order to showcase Indian dresses and dance, she roped us partners into modelling in an Indian fashion show and even dancing a choreographed dance to some popular bollywood songs! It was a week or two of hardcore rehearsing and then we were on! It was a BLAST and a smashing success! Here is a link to the song we danced to, and the video that our choreography was (loosely) based on!

4. Some Canadian representation at cooking club! I decided to bite the bullet and host a cooking club to honor my favourite meal: pancakes and maple syrup! Because our kitchen is less that adequate, a friend of mine offered to lend her kitchen, and a Canadian cooking club was born!

5. We are PREGNANT! Baby E is set to arrive on or around November 29, 2011. This fun little fact made the last few weeks in Fonty the most interesting, because while I was tour-guiding, road-tripping, bollywood dancing, and cooking, I wanted to throw-up 100% of the time! Come to think of it though, I think the four previous activities that I mentioned in this post were probably the ONLY things that I accomplished in the last few weeks in fonty! When I wasn't doing these exact things, I was sleeping. And trying not to be sick.

Saying goodbye to Fontainebleau and all of our new friends was really hard :( but we were happy and exited to move on to the next phase of this year's adventures: P3 in Singapore! Au revoir, Fonty! Nee Hao, Singapore!!

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