Sunday, May 29, 2011


The best thing about living in Singapore, is the proximity to amazing destinations in Asia! Despite the fact that P is crazy busy with school work, he has a long list of places he wants to visit before we leave. The first on the list was Bali! So exactly 4 days after my 18 hour flight from Vancouver to Singapore, I was on another flight to Denpasar! The last time I had been to Bali was 2001 - 10 years ago(!!!) - and it had (not surprisingly) changed a lot! But it was still a magical place and our three days there were perfect! Here are some highlights:

The beaches! Swimming in the gigantic waves was just awesome, but so was lounging away the afternoon!

The food! Satay, Nasi Goreng, Gado-Gado, and fresh watermelon juice every day!

The sunsets!

The monkeys! Okay, this wasn't exactly a highlight per se, because at times they were terrifying, but it was very cool to see them up close and to take a walk in the jungle!

I love a good market!! Lucky for P, we didn't stay too long and with the Indonesian rupiah as it was, the bag that I did buy was less than the cost of a sandwich. A cheap sandwich.

The scenery! Driving through the island, we saw miles of beautiful terraced rice fields!

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