Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Singapore is wonderful...

... if you don't get caught in a monsoon rainstorm without an umbrella (daily).

... if you love shoe shopping! (and who doesn't?).

... if you thrive in alpine-cool indoor environments and steambath-like outdoor environments.

... if you appreciate a close proximity to bubble tea at all times.

... if you LOVE rice.

... if you remember not to enter through the exit door or exit through the entrance (BIG no-no!).

... if you live for taxi driver confessionals.

... if you appreciate space-tastic architecture and nightly laser light shows.

... if you tend to make friends easily with small household lizards.

... if you are really good at adding expletives to the ends of your sentences-lah.

... if it makes your day that ordering your hot tea to-go means drinking it out of a plastic bag with a straw.

... if you absolutely hate to recycle anything

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