Sunday, June 19, 2011

Singapore by night!

In our quest to explore more of Singapore together, we turned to nocturnal activities like the Night Safari at the Singapore Zoo! One thing that I didn't realize before going, was that P has never been to a zoo in all of his adult life, and can only vaguely remember going as a child. SO, as soon as he was given the zoo map with pictures of all the animals on it.. well, let's just say that I have never been to the zoo with someone so enthusiastic in my whole life. And I was a preschool teacher. The highlights were the giraffes, and the gigantic fruit bats. Because we took my old crappy camera with us, the photos didn't turn out as planned, but here's a selection of the animals that we saw!

To continue the theme... last night we decided to go for our own little wander through the zoo that is Singapore in order to take pictures of the downtown core at night, when the most beautiful sites are inevitably lit up with lasers and neon lights.

We started at the lookout on top of the Swisshotel in Raffles City for a birds-eye view:

And since we were in the neigbourhood, we stopped at the famous Raffles Hotel for a  Singapore Sling! (don't worry, mine was virgin!)  

Next we went to the waterfront to check out the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and the Esplanade Theater...

And ended up at the Fullerton Hotel!

From there it was a hop and a skip to Boat Quay!

That's when we spotted the start of the laser show back at Marina Bay...

We ended the evening in my absolute favourite 24-hour food joint: Cheese Prata!!! Where you can get literally anything cooked inside a delicious prata, with a delicious curry for dipping! And of course, Iced Milo to drink!! I didn't take a picture last night, but here is one from our last jaunt to this joint.

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  1. Reading your blog makes me ridiculously jealous. Sounds like an amazing trip, and a wonderful time for you two as a couple. You will never forget this year together, and being pregnant will make it forever a delightful story to tell your child. They love to hear about all the things you did while they were 'in mummy's tummy.'